Trailer and Steer Tyre

Durability and high performance under the toughest conditions are the hallmarks of the RY023. This sure-footed, five-rib, all-position workhorse features a tough band of additional rubber that protects the sidewall from scrubbing damage.



Steer and Trailer Tyre

All position tyre for on highway applications. The RY103 incorporates low-profile engineering with proven quality construction for more kilometres per litre, greater tyre mileage, more load potential, improved handling and better stability in steer, drive, and trailer and dolly applications.



Abrasion Resistant All Position Tyre

Extra deep tread with 4 rib design ensures long mileage and low cost per kilometre on severe abrasion operation. Sidewall protection minimises kerb damage.



On / Off Highway All Position Tyre

Cut resistant tread compound for on and off-road conditions. Wide tread construction and thick undertread protect against cutting and chipping. Robust casing for multiple re-treads.



Highway Steer Tyre

Yokohama introduces the new “Zenvironment” technology 107ZL tyre, this tyre has outstanding performance and mileage characteristic whilst also providing fuel economy and environmental benefit without compromising tyre capabilities.

Five-rib Tread Pattern provides confident stable handling performance while enhancing lateral stability, water dispersion and overall traction in long distance high speed applications.

Stress control grooves and sipes help to improve irregular wear resistance by providing more even pressure distribution across the tread surface during operation.

Newly designed tread compound helps resist irregular wear while providing excellent wet grip and tyre life.

Wave pattern tread grooves combined with sipes help resist irregular wear in high speed highway operations.