For Premium Sport

ADVAN is Yokohama’s flagship pattern and the ADVAN Sport V103 offers performance at a very high level, giving not only excellent handling and steering response, but also exceptional wet pavement traction, and a comfortable ride. Developed from race track experience. Original equipment on Bentley, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes and Honda. Read More

For Premium Sport

A super sports tyre with ultra high-speed capabilities (over 300km/h) for super cars. Flagship of ADVAN series tyres. The ADVAN Sport (V103) tyre offers balance at high level, giving not only sporty performance, but also excellent characteristics on wet pavement, a good ride, low noise, and so on.

The new compound dveloped for the ADVAN Sport was tested many times under hypervelocity conditions, and is the ultimate model by Yokohama. This high-grip rubber ensures both pliability and strength.

The asymmetry pattern, which is ADVAN tradition is proof of its place in the history of sports tyres. You can actually feel it when you witness its outstanding drivability.

ADVAN's premium quality and performance are endorsed by original equipment application to many high powered cars such as Bentley's Continental GT and Holden's HSV performance vehicles. ADVAN Sport is ideal for performance cars, from high-powered saloons to tuned cars.



The latest development of Yokohama’s flagship pattern- Advan Sport V105. For high and ultra-high performance vehicles with a perfect balance of outstanding handling and braking in both wet and dry conditions but also high levels of comfort and low noise. Asymmetrical pattern with Yokohama’s latest Orange Oil tread compound technology. Original Equipment fitment to Porsche, Audi, Mercedes.



Now available with a faster "R" Orange Oil rubber compound.For racers and car enthusiasts with highly tuned cars. They use their car on the street and the race track and want one tyre to do both duties. Capable of astonishing lap times. It's the tyre used by World Time Attack Challenge Clubsprint competitors.



The legendary Mini Tyre

The A008 is YOKOHAMA's performance tyre developed for the drivers of classic Austin 7, Mini 850 and Mini Cooper cars.