Delivery Star

A heavy duty, good handling commercial tyre for couriers, tradesmen and travellers who carry heavy loads and do lots of kilometers. They want a puncture resistant tyre which handles well especially in the wet.

The European Van tyre design has a wide, flat contact patch for better handling. The tyre casing promotes uniform pressure across the tyre for even wear and long mileage.

The rib and block tread design maximizes drainage for wet grip and reduced aquaplaning.

And finally, the handy sidewall kerbing rib protects the tyres from gutter rash and sidewall damage.



Light Truck Tyre

The SC siping in this tyre is applied to reduce uneven wear. Newly developed profile reduces the strain caused by the stress. Sidewall Protector provides protection against sidewall damage.



Steer and Trailer Tyre

All position tyre for on highway applications. The RY103 incorporates low-profile engineering with proven quality construction for more kilometres per litre, greater tyre mileage, more load potential, improved handling and better stability in steer, drive, and trailer and dolly applications.



Commercial Tyre

The Yokohama RY108 is a quality steel belted radial designed for all position highway use. The wide straight rib pattern brings better resistance to irregular wear and improves the tyre life whilst promoting exceptional directional stability. The depth of the grooves delivers better water ejection enhancing wet road performance.



Commercial Tyre

The RY208 was designed utilising the wide, straight rib pattern.. The depth of the grooves delivers better water ejection, enhancing wet road performance.

The RY208 was created with a specially designed square profile which improves handling and tyre life.



All Position Highway tyre

The RY058 is an all steel radial that provides excellent wear and better puncture resistance. The five rib tread pattern also offers safe handling and is designed for all position highway use.